From cocoa to chocolate: a charm story

Anyone working in Laica knows how much our work ignites the curiosity of the people around us: everyone is intrigued by the magic that takes place in the chocolate factory, the place where cocoa becomes a delicate flavor, a sweet break between the things of life . “How are chocolates born?”, They ask us.

It is a show, that of production, where each passage is accompanied by sensory stimuli that touch the sight and smell, a prelude to the most intriguing pleasure, that for the palate.

It starts from the basic ingredient, the cocoa paste, obtained by grinding cocoa beans. It is combined with other components, different for each type of chocolate we want to prepare. For example, with cocoa paste, cocoa butter, vanilla and sugar, we prepare the flux.

Adding the hazelnuts we will get the gianduia, the typical chocolate born in Piedmont at the end of the nineteenth century. These ingredients – in Laica we select them among the best international producers of raw materials – are subsequently mixed. The mixture is pulverized through refining machines; subsequently liquefied with the addition of soy lecithin and left inside large basins, at a controlled and constant temperature, to prevent the chocolate from solidifying.

But the real magic happens in modeling plants. Here the numerous molds with the most original shapes welcome a sweet cascade of chocolate. Solidification takes place thanks to a low temperature processing and the vibration of the molds themselves. It’s an exciting moment: bright sparkling chocolates flow along a white carpet towards the next phase, where everyone will wear their flamboyant garment.

Every day, five million chocolates, from the Laica plant in Arona, take the road to places of sale in Italy and around the world.