About us

Laica’s love of chocolate was born in Arona in 1946: since then over 70 years have passed and our great passion has led us to be one of the most advanced realities in the production and sale of pralines and other chocolate products all over the world.

Who we want to be

The heart of our company are the people. Our task is to create the conditions so that within the company everyone can best express their skills. This is the secret to build together something beautiful and useful,  that can compete internationally. It is thanks to the constant commitment of everyone that we can realize our mission: to guarantee an excellent quality at the right price, expanding our assortment through new branded products, customization and innovation at the service of third-party companies and the consumer who loves quality.

How we work

These are the essential elements on which Laica’s evolution and work are based. Each of our collaborators must be the protagonist in his task, always having teamwork and common growth at heart. We are a growing company, which combines a very strong know-how – acquired in over 70 years of activity – with constant research on the themes of technology and innovation, to guarantee at all times the production of excellent chocolates: good, but above all done well. Doing well for Laica is a real corporate philosophy. It means combining the applause of the palate with the choice of the best raw materials, in compliance with food, hygiene and sanitary standards. It means putting care, method, science and passion in every step of the 4 phases of production: processing, moulding, packing and packaging.

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