For over 70 years our quality
is recognized all over the world

of chocolates product every day
of chocolates product every day
productions lines
productions lines
types of chocolates
types of chocolates
thousand square meters of production and warehouse area
thousand square meters of production and warehouse area


Laica is a company that wants to achieve and maintain leadership in the production and sale of pralines and other chocolate products at an affordable price.


LAICA is particularly focused to the impact that the production has on the environment both through the reduction and recycling of the packaging used and in energy consumption. In particular on the energy front, Laica has installed a photovoltaic roof of 200 Kwp capable of satisfying, sun allowing, a significant share of energy needs.


Excellent quality / price ratio, assortment, personalization and innovation at the service of third-party companies.

Adoption of the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments

In application of the Legislative Decree in question, concerning the administrative liability of legal persons, the Company adopted on 30/05/2018 an Organization, Management and Control Model (hereinafter the “Model”) and an Ethical Code. The Model intends to formalize the existing principles, rules, and procedures, aimed at preventing illegal behavior by external employees and collaborators,
in the performance of their respective activities.

The present

Andrea, Fabio and Lucia Saini have changed the face of the company. The result is a continuous expansion in the national and international confectionery market. A large factory, fully automated in almost all the production phases of the production lines.


Andrea, Fabio and Lucia are the first three real ingredients
in every Laica chocolate.

And like ingredients, each of them brings his or her own distinctive and exclusive flavour, without which the end product wouldn’t be so good.

Andrea Saini

Chairman and CEO

Andrea, with his managerial aplomb, untiring devotion to work and mastery of all areas of the company’s know-how, is perhaps the one who most closely resembles his father. As chairman and CEO, he is now at the helm of the company.

Lucia Saini

Managing Director and Production Manager

Lucia is nerve centre of production. It is her and her staff who organize orders, production programmes and deliveries in a complex system capable of meeting clients’ increasingly elaborate requirements in both the short and long term.

Fabio Saini

Managing Director and Head of Engineering and Technological Innovation

Fabio, known to everyone as “the engineer”, is the “machine man”, a calm, smiling presence who listens, reasons, elaborates, plans, contemplates, inquires, and is continually raising the company’s quality bar.

A route that began
70 years ago.

The beginning

Lino Saini decided to open a factory in Arona with a product that, as he would have said, was desired by children. At the beginning called Sant’Alberto (in honor of his grandfather), he will change the name to Laica (Italian Chocolate Processing and similar) two years later.

The new factory

The post-war economic boom and the greater demand of the market linked not only to livelihood, but also to satisfaction and pleasure, made it possible to change location. Laica moves to a larger plant, which allows the introduction of new work spaces and machinery for mechanized modelling and wrapping.


Three chocolates are created that have made the history of the company and which are still in production: Rabbit and Santas (the chocolate little Rabbit and Santa Claus) and the famous coins.

The opening

The current headquarters of Laica is inaugurated and with it a new modelling line is introduced, Cav. Emil. 600 of Carle and Montanari of Milan (world leader in chocolate machinery), fully automatic.

Coin Strips

Laica begins the production of the legendary ” Coins Strips”, which were successful in the first Autogrill and then all over the world.

The first automatic machine

Another important milestone for Laica: the first automatic machine for counting coins and other products was designed, which were packaged in the classic net bags.

New generation

The second generation of the Saini family begins to enter Laica. After Andrea, Lucia’s turn in 1999 and then Fabio the following year.


The new investment plan begins, which has allowed the range of chocolates produced to be expanded. OPM 1, the new praline modeling line, enters in Laica.

The warehouse

The warehouse is expanded, increasing the storage capacity by 6 times.

The 70 years

Laica is 70 years old. An important goal, celebrated with a second book that looks to the future, to the vision of tomorrow, because having a success story does not mean anything, unless it is a prelude to something more important.

The new Corporate

In 2019 debuts the new corporate logo ‘Laica amore per il cioccolato. 1946 Arona Italia’. With this renewal Laica wants to emphasize those fundamental values that represented the heritage passed by Lino Saini to his children and emphasize the passion for work, the historicity of society and the link with the territory, as well as the Italianness of the product.