To amplify the value of what Laica represents, gain visibility, establish new contacts are the reasons that have led us to put a point of the company presence on social networks.

What are socials? They are technological applications, based on the Internet, born in order to allow the creation and exchange of content generated by people.

They represent an epochal change in the way of seeing, knowing and informing oneself. Today we are not just spectators of information, we can contribute to generate new ones or become ambassadors of an idea, a thought, a way of life. Beauty is in being able to share our experiences with others. Here is explained the success of Facebook, for example.

With over two billion users, of which 30 million in Italy, it is the best known social network in the world. Laica is present with a page that has quickly become a pleasant reference for over two thousand fans. Turning on, you are immersed in an experience whose ingredients are words and images that tell stories, people and fragments of life.

It is a platform created for sharing photographs through smartphones. More than 60 million are currently loaded every day in the world by over 800 thousand users. The laicacolocated channel offers intriguing moments of everyday business: fluid chocolate flows, rows of chocolates marching towards the wrapping, mosaics of ingredients along the paths of the production process.

It is the best known platform for the exchange of professional contacts with over 100 thousand users worldwide. In that context, our company page represents a point of reference in commercial interactions.

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