Tutti i numeri di Laica

What there is in the future of a company is an action that involves reading the numbers and understanding the values. The numbers of Laica, those of today, speak of a steady and well-planned growth. And the values are those of all time, those linked to the history of a brand that, in doing business, demonstrates every day careful awareness of social responsibility, of the importance of people and the environment.
This is the numbers:
5 million chocolates every day
250 qualified employees
18,000 square meters of warehouse and production
10 production lines
7 quality certifications
50 and beyond the countries in which we export
350 kinds of chocolates
For over seventy years, the chocolate factory, is a story in which tradition and innovation look to the future.
Today there are ten production lines that produce millions of chocolates every day.
In the last five years, Laica has increased its turnover, thanks to totally new and cutting-edge machinery, led by qualified and company-related personnel.
The turnover of 2016 (about 47 million) is generated for 47% by the products of its own brand: Laica, Sweet Moments, Antica Bottega del Cioccolato, Galacioc and Love Stars. These are increasingly well-known brands in the Italian retail scene.
53% of the company’s turnover derives from the private label market, production on behalf of third parties, food companies that see in our company a reliable supplier for quality and ability to customize production.
The Laica area occupies 30,000 square meters of which 18,000 are covered. The reclamation of the asbestos present on the roofs in 2012 was the occasion to start a project that will reduce the environmental impact of 1.5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It will also contribute to giving the new generations a cleaner planet. It is a goal that will be reached, one step at a time, thanks to the 810 photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of the plant. From the sun, they provide clean energy with which they feed the production plants.
Among the virtues of our chocolate, in addition to good ingredients, there is the attention to the quality of life. That of the people who will taste it.
The environment, the territory and the people who live there are significant values for Laica. In five years the staff has grown up, with the help of seasonal workers, as many as 250 production workers: the heart of Laica are the people. We want to be an entrepreneurial reality recognized for social commitment, in giving a respectful work to those who every day puts passion and will.
This explains the production manager Lucia Saini: “Our desire is to represent a reality where everyone is committed to a common goal: to work in a respectful way.The people who work with us put our heart and we have a great responsibility in their respect. ” Continuing to grow, overcoming every obstacle and setting new goals is the commitment to the future. The key word is “de-seasonal” products. Thus the production capacity will increase and the commercial strengthening will be achieved with the positioning, always higher, of the brands.

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