From Via 2 giugno to Via Vittorio Veneto

In the 1946 Lino Saini founded his chocolate factory named Sant’Alberto. Two years after the name of the company changed in LAICA and it transformed into joint-stock company.

In less than 20 years, LAICA S.p.A. moved from its original, modest site (Via 2 giugno) to today’s headquarters in Via Vittorio Veneto, where there is yet today the new production line with their historical products like Money and Santas, Pralines.


The inauguration of the new headquarters was in May 1963 with the presence of Foreign Trade Minister, municipal and regional autority, because Laica was already imported an industry that is in Arona across the nation.


Second generation 

The second generation of the Saini’s family joined the business in 1995. Andrea, now chairman and CEO, was followed in the subsequent years by his sister Lucia (a graduate in educational science) and brother Fabio, an IT engineer. Together they injected a powerful dose of innovation into the enterprise, introducing new technologies and innovative new production lines (pralines, mousses and boeri).
Having successfully weathered the economic crisis of the ’90s and the challenges of globalization, the company was able to give itself a new management culture and business organization. This paved the way for a second phase of investment and innovation starting in 2002.


Forward looking enterprise

The future of LAICA S.p.A. had begun.

Andrea, Fabio and Lucia Saini have transformed the factory through  continued expansion in  nation and international confectionery markets, not to mention the ethical teachings of Mr. Lino Saini. And just as the company has never stopped growing, so the Sainis’ entrepreneurial spirit, rooted in professionalism, integrity and precision, is as strong as ever.